Caregiver Enrollment Information 

Our Caregiver matching service is a unique service which pairs 'vetted' caregivers with patients based on geographic location, desired form of medicine, or growing style.  


Existing Caregivers that would like to enroll in our program can complete a short Intake Form that will identify what types of cannabis products you offer, if you deliver, etc. Once the request for a caregiver is received, we look through our database of patients and facilitate a connection!


No worries... If your match ends up not working out, we can help you find another **** exclusions apply, ask for details****

Becoming a caregiver in Michigan has only a few state mandated requirements.  
  • Caregivers must be aged 21 or over.

  • Caregivers cannot be convicted of any drug related felony, or any other felony within the last 10 years.

  • Caregivers must be willing and able to assist the patient with their medical cannabis needs.

  • Caregivers can assist no more than five registered patients at one time.


To Enroll in the program:

Enrolling to become a caregiver can be simple. Sometimes potential caregivers have a friend or family member that is interested in becoming their patient.  Other times, the caregiver needs help in locating a patient.


How our program is different

Too often we hear of well intending individuals striking up a deal to grow their plants for patients.  Whether it's lack of hands on knowledge of the plant or just bad luck, many times the relationship ends badly.  Often times the patient suffers because they cannot gain access to the medicine they need.

Our program pre-screens caregivers that are interested in being involved.  Our short questionnaire gives us a basic idea of the caregiver skillset. From there, one of our team members follows up with the caregiver to complete the process. Once the criteria has been entered into our database, a successful match should be generated within 30 days.  

You have nothing to lose by registering!  You never know who is looking for you...

Caregivers, enroll below!

Caregiver Enrollment 

Please complete the following information to begin the enrollment process!
Products offered:
Are your products tested?
Are you willing to deliver?
If you make edibles, what do you use?

Thank you for submitting your form! One of our staff will be reaching out to you within 24-48 hours.