Virtual Medical Marijuana Certifications  and Cannabis Focused Primary Care for Michigan, Ohio and Illinois Medical Marijuana Patients!

Our network of licensed medical professionals are here to provide you with the relief you need. 

No matter which area of Michigan, Ohio or Illinois you live, there's no need to make a long trip to get your card. Visit with the doctor remotely, obtain your instant approval today!

Same Day Cards * Legal Protection * Easy Appointments * Caregiver Cards

We offer medical marijuana patients and caregivers access to licensed compassionate physicians registered and in good standing with the State.

Our physicians have experience with the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They understand that cannabis is an alternative to more modern forms of medication and we have a right to choose it.  

Our discreet and relaxed approach focuses on education... and you!

 A Doctor you can FINALLY call your OWN

Our physicians not only certify patients for Medical Marijuana, but also provide an option for general visits as well. If you are new to your cannabis journey and want a bit of extra guidance, we can help. If you have general questions on how existing medications may interact, we can help with that too!

Our doctor will be happy to schedule a virtual visit!

Cannabis Focused Primary Care

Every patient has unique symptoms, different lifestyles to accommodate and may respond to cannabis differently than others. For this reason, our consultations start by getting to know you and your individual goals for treatment.


Step 1: Review Symptoms & Goals

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your medical symptoms, goals for using cannabis and your lifestyle. This information will help us identify product strains and consumption methods (edibles, vape, tinctures, etc.) to fit your needs.


Step 2: Product Overview

Our team of cannabis consultants will educate you on the products available and make recommendations based on what is in stock at your dispensary. If you'd like, we can even call ahead to have your dispensary put it aside for you.


Step 3: Follow-up

As with any new medication, there is a brief trial-and-error period with cannabis. We suggest that you take detailed notes, keeping track of how you feel after taking each product so you can identify which strains best achieve your goals. Together, we’ll review this information and make any modifications necessary.

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