What is a 'Caregiver'

Caregivers play in integral role in the patient's care and overall health.   According to the law, each patient is able to grow up to 12 plants for their own medical use, but some patients aren't well enough, or don't live in a home where that is an option. So, in many cases it's not practical.


Medical Marijuana patients are sometimes afflicted with conditions that prevent them from leaving their home, they may face mobility challenges or a dispensary is just not close enough to their home. Choosing the best cannabis for your condition is a very personal one, and sometimes patients feel better forming a close relationship with one person to provide that consistent, familiar care.  Insert the need for caregivers!

Why Choose a Caregiver?

  1. Many times, the cost of medicine through your registered caregiver will be less expensive than if you get it from a Provisioning Center. Access to discounted medicine is available through a caregiver.

  2. When you choose a caregiver, many times they are able to customize medicine, making it stronger or not so strong according to your individual needs.

  3. Some caregivers will provide delivery services in the event you need it. 

  4. If you aren't living in an area where Provisioning Centers are located, assigning a caregiver may be a good option. Although you can still visit the Provisioning Centers, it provides you with the convenience of getting your cannabis from a more local source. 


Who Can Participate

Any active patient with the MMP can choose a caregiver. If you'd like to have a caregiver, you're welcome to enroll.

If you currently have a caregiver and would like to change, we can help with that too. Complete the short questionnaire at the bottom of the form, and one of our team members will contact you to finish your enrollment!

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