Michigan In Person Visit 

$125.00 new    $40 state

$99.00 renewal $40 state

Come see the doctor and have all state forms prepared.  

When you are ready, a $40 state fee is collected. 

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Michigan Telemedicine Visit 

$125.00 office   $40 state

Virtually  visit the doctor and have us prepare state forms.  

When you are ready to get your card,  a $40 state fee is collected in addition to the office visit.   Applications are processed electronically and temporary approval provided by state. 

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Follow Up- Primary Care

$40 office visit

Schedule an appointment with our doctor for follow up or primary care.  Based on your condition, lifestyle and preferences, treatment plan is developed.

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Illinois Telemedicine Visit

$250 office visit 

Visit with the doctor virtually and receive all state forms necessary to receive your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card. When you are ready, state fee is paid for 1, 2 or 3 year card!

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Ohio Telemedicine Visit 

$125 new   and $99.00 renew

Visit the doctor virtually and have all state forms prepared for your medical marijuana certification. 

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